Some of my side projects

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Out Of Office Ai

Create an ‘Out Of Office’ message in seconds


Twitter thread to article generator (Only works for threads less than 7 days old)

Movie Time

Create a calendar event for your movie viewing, if your cinema chain doesn't provide one with your booking.

Is a browser?

IP Checker

Quick app to get current user IP address

Covid 19 Tracker

After everything with the pandemic kicked off last year, I wanted a source of metrics that I found useful. Most I saw, at the time, were too verbose or lacking so I made my own. I used the official API to get the data in a single blob and then processed it to calculate a rolling average. The integration was live and wasn't using any frameworks so it only gets the data at build time. To get around this I leveraged the power of Siri Shortcuts automations, I knew the daily data was usually published by 16:30 each day so I had an automation that would send a POST request to a Netlify webhook that would trigger a rebuild of my app thus refreshing it with the latest data. I've since moved from using the automation to using a GitHub action to achieve the same thing.

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This React app was one of my first attempts, primarily meant for learning purposes. At the time, my job required me to come up with these independently, as they were often excluded from design documents. I wanted to lessen my cognitive burden, hence the initiative.